Fri, Jun


Room by Emma Donoghue

It is very hard to explain this book to others. Any description that does not include spoilers will sound distinctly unappetising ...yet the book is a delight. The set up? A woman has been held as a sex slave by an older man in a suburban back yard. She lives only in a small room. There she has had a baby...a boy she loves and cherishes and who know only a world consisting of a single room, and images that dance on the TV.

Why would you read this?

  • It is a book about hope in a hopeless situation
  • It is a book about persistence and triumph
  • It is a book about learning, and worlds
  • It is told by the boy himself
  • There is not only an adventure story but a psychological journey that echoes (at double the length) the physical adventure.

While as readers we are confronted with the thought of the captivity, the book is told through the eyes of the boy for whom the enormity of the captivity is not initially apparent and who is protected from details of the abuse.

A film was made of the book, I believe it is worth seeing, however as a great deal of the force of this book is inner thoughts and revelations to a child, the book itself will always be more powerful.

Parts of this move me to tears each re-read.